KAAG Fishing Gear™: Fish Cleaning Now a Breeze!

You had a great day catching some fishes but the strenuous and unpleasant chore of cleaning them is still ahead of you. At such times, you wish someone could clean them for you.

You wish you could:

  • scale your fish without having to wipe scales off your face, picking them off your clothes, walls
    or floors, damaging your fish skin, feeling the pain of removing tough scales or scraping your knuckles on the cleaning surface
  • gut your fish without having its flesh contaminated by the bitter acids contained in the viscera
  • Snip off the fish fins easily without any risk of injury
  • Fillet your fish without being injured by your knife blade
  • Clean your fish on a board without having to use newspapers to catch the slimes and the viscera, to soak up the blood or having to clean up the board continuously during the fish cleaning process      

KAAG Fishing GearTM innovative and high quality fish cleaning kit makes fish cleaning just a breeze ! learn more…