Security and Confidentiality

KAAG® insures, on a continual basis, protection of the information provided by customer. KAAG has installed security devices to insure the confidentiality of the information provided by customer at the time the order is placed.

KAAG® has developed advanced security measures to protect you from the loss or the unauthorized use of the information that will be transmitted at the time an order is placed, such information will be under the control of KAAG®, including information related to your credit card. KAAG's servers are currently using the most advanced transmission technology commonly known as Secure Socket Layers (SSL) which permits a secure transmission of personal information. Furthermore, KAAG® servers are protected against fire. Nevertheless, no security device is perfect and customer must understand that there is always a risk that a third party intercepts information, without permission, sent to KAAG®. KAAG® declines any responsibility for the foregoing, unless KAAG® has been negligent. Please note that in ensuring your security, no information regarding your credit card is stored in the servers used by KAAG®.